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Hope you had a great weekend and did something that inspired you! Yesterday I attended my annual coaching conference and left full of INSPIRATION! I’m revved up and wanted to share some take-aways.

Everyone knows they need to strength train to prevent muscle loss as they age.
Everyone knows they need to eat better and drink less alcohol to lose weight. At least they know broccoli is better for them than bundt cake.
Everyone knows they need to get 7-9 hours of sleep per night, manage their stress levels, and surround themselves with supportive like-minded fit people to be healthier.
So if everyone knows these things, why is there a pandemic of obesity and chronic disease in our country? Doesn’t make much sense????

pexels jason toevs 2033343Imagine with me….you’re on an airplane, cramped and tired, eager to reach your destination. The flight crew is passing by with the snack cart. You’re not really hungry, you just ate a crappy overpriced sandwich back in the terminal—but you notice that the guy in a suit sitting next to you is treating himself to a bag of M&Ms and a Chardonnay. You’ve never met this person before and exchanged only a cursory nod as you took your seats. Still, research shows that you are now 30% more likely to spring for some candy and maybe even a glass of wine of your own.

COACH T 2020A high quality physical life is extremely important to me. Struggling with chronic hip pain was definitely NOT part of this plan!
Thankfully I’m a lot smarter than I was six months ago. During our Stay at Home Order, I found myself very depressed struggling with social isolation and the mandated shut down of my fitness studio @traininggroundathletic. Not being able to serve my members and do what I love made me just want to get outside and move everyday. I guess I took it to the extreme. I OVER walked (didn’t even think that was possible??). I OVER sprinted. I OVER jumped. I simply OVER stressed my poor almost 50 year old body! This OVER training caused debilitating hamstring tendinopathy that has decreased my quality of life and prevented me from doing what I love: strength training.