Local Arlington Heights Personal Trainer Fitness Center

Are you ready to turnaround your health? Do you feel stuck and less than confident in your body?  Do you need stricter accountability to keep you on track with your fitness goals? Do you need to shrink the change and make the process of getting fit and healthy easier to stick with?  
If you answered “YES”.......you are not alone!
The TGA Turnaround is the perfect place to start your health and wellness journey. Our introductory offer ($89.00) includes a comprehensive health coaching consultation with Coach T, a Board Certified Health Coach specializing in Lifestyle Medicine and an InBody Composition Analysis.  This one (1) hour discovery session will be your springboard for CHANGE.
So if you are feeling stuck, less than confident in your body, your weight keeps creeping up, and you need the motivation and guidance to make positive health changes that stick, The TGA Turnaround is the place to START! 
We call it a turnaround because after our time together, we guarantee that you will be headed in a new direction with your health!
All it takes is just 1 hour........
The TGA Turnaround is NOT a sales meeting, it’s a health coaching session to discover the next steps in your health journey. We recognize that everyone is different and your journey may not need to begin under a barbell. We want to discover what’s right for YOU.....and we’ll do that together
We are excited to partner with you and help you take the next step towards positive health CHANGE!