Local Barbell Boutique Strength Training for Women in Arlington Heights

A one-sized fits all approach to health and fitness would be convenient……but it just doesn’t work!

BARBELL BOUTIQUE The future of fitness lies in an individualized approach, especially when it comes to women entering different hormonal cycles of their life. What used to work to stay fit and keep weight off no longer does. It becomes the definition of insanity as intentional women committed to their wellness are frustrated with their results and have nothing to show for their efforts in the gym.

This is where the art of combining health coaching and strength training come together in a beautiful package:  THE BARBELL BOUTIQUE

The Barbell Boutique is the brain child of Coach T, a Board Certified Health Coach specializing in Lifestyle Medicine and an expert Strength Coach with over 30 years of experience working with women of all ages. Her extremely unique program is specifically designed with a woman’s body composition and hormonal needs in mind.

The mission of The Barbell Boutique is for women to feel confident in their skin, never defeated in their efforts. When it comes to women’s health, there is too much “noise” out there. We’re here to give you a clear evidenced-based message that will get you moving in the direction of positive health change. We will help you fall in love with the process and never look back!

When women gather in the safety of a community they trust with accountability and support, they will feel more empowered to make choices and decisions about their health that will not only change their body composition but unlock their true health potential.

The Barbell Boutique…….find your Best Self here!