Local Arlington Heights Personal Trainer 1 on 1 fitness Coach

Training Ground Athletic (TGA) is a local Arlington Heights Fitness Facility managed by Coach Theresa Pettigrew (Coach T).

Coach T is a professional personal trainer and fitness coach that offers a variety of  private 1 on 1 Training/Coaching  in  Covid safe environment. Coach T offers strength training, including a program tailored just for women which she has dubbed "The Barbell Boutique". Coach T also offers Post Natel Fitness and Golf Performance Training.   She can also help you put your fitness program on the fast track with her 14 day kickstart program that can help you burn fat and lose weight.

As owner of Training Ground Athletic (TGA) in Arlington Heights, Coach T is able to provide a highly exclusive and individualized training program in her private facility. Her programs will address your unique needs. Whether your specific goal is to look defined and fabulous for your upcoming wedding, lose those last stubborn pounds, or gain more mobility to improve your quality of life, our private training is the best fit for you.

Are you ready to become the strongest, leanest, and most conditioned version of yourself? If your answer is “YES”, click here.