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About Training Ground Athletic


Training Ground Athletic (TGA) exists to make you move better. We do this through our group programs. Life breaks us down and we all need to re-build our bodies from the inside out. We believe that our cutting edge training programs and expert coaching give you the ability to move at your very best. We will take your game and your health to a whole new level!


About Theresa “Coach T” Pettigrew

Theresa Pettigrew, affectionately called “Coach T” by her clients is a veteran strength coach with over twenty years of training experience. Her passion for strength training started at a very young age lifting her older brother’s barbells and mismatched dumbbells. Her passion for fitness continued to grow and by age eighteen she was a certified personal trainer with a strong client following. In her tireless pursuit of education and understanding human movement, Coach T has studied under highly renowned clinicians, therapists, and strength coaches. Her many years of experience and education have allowed her the privilege of working with hundreds of clients at all levels, from youth to professional athletes. She is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach and a Titleist Golf Performance Coach with specialized training in post-injury rehab and low back disorders. Coach T feels truly blessed to work with such a committed group of clients at Training Ground Athletic. Her mission is to inspire them and help them become the strongest, leanest, and most conditioned versions of themselves. In her free time, she loves to research cutting edge training techniques and work out with her very supportive and super strong husband Dave.

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