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Training Camp


Before a competitive season begins, athletes participate in a pre-season training camp. This prepares them mentally and physically for the rigors of the upcoming season. We have modeled TGA’s Training Camp in a similar way. Our introductory three (3) week program is a comprehensive learning experience that will prepare you for our programmed group classes. Training Camp is a short term sacrifice in order for you to achieve your long term goals. You must attend a minimum of two (2) sessions per week and be consistent with your training in order to ramp up and be ready for our programmed Group Strength Classes. During the 3 week Training Camp experience, you will learn the proper mechanics of all the compound lifts, begin to groove movement patterns efficiently and properly prepare your nervous system for the rigors of strength training. Your body will go through a lot of adaptation during this time and it’s going to be challenging…and fun! Regardless of your past training experience, all athletes must attend our signature Training Camp. It’s a necessary primer for your body to meet the demands or our group programs. Training Camp is an educational, non-intimidating environment that will prepare you to to begin your successful training journey at TGA.

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