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Our Training Agreement


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Because we put such a high value on results, we have instituted a Training Agreement to ensure that you achieve the absolute best results possible. Training Ground Athletic is not for everyone. We value our time and want every client to be a good fit for our team. We expect our group classes to be filled with individuals who display a high level of commitment and dedication. You must be serious about getting in the best shape of your life. You must care about your results as much as we do. We consider each and every client a “walking billboard” for our business and results are a direct reflection of our programming and coaching.

We owe you one thing: The Truth. You may not want to hear it…..we will give it to you anyway. Anything less would be disingenuous on our part. If you are an excuse maker, Training Ground Athletic is not the right place for you. We have zero tolerance for excuses and complaining. Save your time and money until you are ready for change and committed to doing everything in your power to become the strongest, leanest, and most conditioned version of yourself.

Our Training Agreement:

  • You will intentionally plan your training schedule and take ownership of your efforts.
  • You understand that consistency in your training drives optimal results.
  • You will make the necessary nutritional changes to accelerate your results.
  • We will provide cutting-edge, research based training and education.
  • We will provide the highest level of motivational coaching.
  • We will establish an environment of maximum accountability.
  • We will provide you with 100% intensity, we expect the same from you in return.

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