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“I have been training at Training Ground Athletic for over two years now, and in that time frame I have made extreme strides and gains to become the strongest, best conditioned version of myself, none of which I could have done without the guidance of Coach T. I grew up an athlete and have always seen the value of exercise. I continually searched for training programs or coaches with well-rounded backgrounds who could provide me with the best training that could build my strength, endurance, mobility, and flexibility. In my search, I even pursued a personal training certification myself to become more knowledgeable. Throughout all of this, I found Training Ground Athletic through a friend’s referral.  I am now a life-long client. I can confidently say I have never worked with, or alongside a more extraordinary trainer than Coach T. Her training programs fit the needs of all individuals whether you are a beginner in her Group Foundations Class (which my own Mom who came in with limited mobility has grown to love) or her advanced Group Athletic class (which pushes and challenges me to my absolute limits). Beyond Coach T’s incredible background and knowledge, her accountability and understanding of her clients is what makes training here so valuable. She helps to build a positive, encouraging, team environment where you feel safe and supported by everyone around you. I personally feel there is no other place out there as exceptional as TGA.”

Georgia P.


“This morning I was feeling so good after class that I mustered up the courage to confront my boss about something that had been bothering me for over a week. I’m not usually one for confrontation but it felt really good to stick up for myself for once…. Training Ground Athletic has become SO much more than a “workout place” for me. Thank you!”

Donna Y.


“Training Ground Athletic has completely changed how I live my life. When I first met Coach T, I did not realize how out of shape and unhealthy I was. I was between a size 6 and 8 most of my adult life and thought I had OK eating habits. However, I when I learned that my body fat percentage was nearly 40% and I had virtually no lean muscle mass, I decided to do something about it. I have been working hard for over seven months and have lost approximately 12% body fat and more than 15 pounds. I feel better about myself, make better nutritional choices and have so much more energy. Now, instead of dreading workouts, I look forward to my time at Training Ground Athletic and working alongside the great group of people who train there. If you are prepared to work for it, you will absolutely get in the best shape of your life!”

Erin S.


“Training Ground Athletic has shaped my understanding of health and wellness, improved my athletic performance, and allowed me to finally feel confident and proud of myself. While it’s exciting that I am 25 pounds less than when I first started, what’s more important is that I have created a lifestyle that will last me a life time. My training has positively affected my abilities as an athlete. While playing on volleyball leagues and tennis with the United States Tennis Association, I have become stronger, have increased endurance, and improved movement efficiency, footwork, and balance. Also, once you begin consistent training at Training Ground Athletic, you find that it’s much more than a “workout” class. Clients become like family as they support one another along with Coach T’s accountability towards your weight and nutritional goals. I feel extremely blessed that Training Ground Athletic is a part of my life. After much mental and physical unhappiness with who I was and how I looked, I am now a confident, proud, and STRONG woman.”

Melissa S.


“Exercise has always been an important part of my life and I have managed to keep myself healthy and “in shape.” Four years ago I got into triathlons and have competed 4-6 times every year. Several friends had been singing the praises of Training Ground Athletic and Coach T, so mostly as a favor to them I decided to check it out. After 6 months of participating in TGA’s conditioning program I am able to swim, bike, and run longer distances more comfortably and at higher levels of intensity. I recover more quickly and do not experience the same level of soreness between workouts. I am convinced that TGA’s focus on flexibility, balance, and core strength has allowed me to take my overall training and fitness to the next level.”

Bill L.


“Back in November 2012, I had knee surgery for a Giant-Cell Tumor. My doctor did not think I would have full mobility in my right knee again. Even though I went through physical therapy, my knee was not strong enough to squat. In September 2013, I started attending the Group Foundations class at Training Ground Athletic. Coach T understood my limitations due to my surgery. Through her classes on Saturday mornings, I regained strength and mobility in my knee. Her training and post-rehab knowledge is amazing, I am now able to squat below parallel. Group Foundations is perfect for anyone with post-rehab needs.”

Anthony F.


“I can’t thank you enough for all that you have done for me. Not only do I feel stronger, but I feel more confident. Coming to TGA has become a priority for me over the past year. I’m currently unemployed and money is tight. However, coming to your classes keeps me physically and mentally healthy, so definitely worth the investment. Again, thank you for all of your support. TGA is the best way to start my day!”

Janis B.


Calling you Coach T is so appropriate as you have not only coached me through making changes in my exercise habits but also in other areas of life including sleep, stress management, and nutrition. I came to Training Ground Athletic once I hit 62 years of age. My aim was to make sure that I did not become one of those women bent over and unsteady on my feet. Weight loss was necessary, but not my primary goal. I also suffered from weak shoulders and pain in my hip. I knew that the only way to age well was to work with someone very knowledgeable who could strengthen the right muscles and teach me what would prevent the “old lady” look we see so often. Much to my surprise and delight, after one year of consistent private training, Group Restorative Classes, and Group Foundations Classes, not only am I stronger with no more hip pain, I lost 26 pounds and 4 dress sizes! Aging is not fun and presents major challenges. I want to thank Coach T for helping to make this journey both fun and rewarding. She knows exactly when to push, when to encourage and when to just be gentle and help me stretch and relax. Thank you so much. I look forward to making this a true, never ending, lifestyle change.

P.S. My husband is pretty pleased with the results too!”

Karen S.

“For a long time, I have suffered with wear and tear issues causing pain and tightness in my left hip. A friend convinced me to come to Training Ground Athletic. She said Coach T was an excellent trainer and that she had a rehab class I should try. I am so thankful I did. The exercises and stretches we do have relieved the pain that I was experiencing on a daily basis. That hour of class is tough don’t get me wrong. I can’t say that I love every minute of it, but Coach T is very patient and encouraging. Our combined efforts have been very successful.”

Flo F. (73 years young)


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