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Body Transformation-Are you ALL IN?

August 21st, 2018

Team TGA,

I am back from Tampa and ENERGIZED. All feelings of burnout have left the building!!!! My Vitamin D level is high from my daily dose of sunshine and I’m feeling amazing!

I was extremely motivated and inspired by the vibrant athletic and health conscious culture that I encountered in downtown Tampa. It’s definitely easier to stay fit when you get 12 months out of the year to wear shorts and be outside and active!! I honestly have never seen so many fit people in such a small concentrated area. It was very evident to me that being fit and looking fit were important to Tampanians. (after making this observation, I learned that Men’s Health Magazine named Tampa “the vainest city in America.”) I would imagine it is one of the HEALTHIEST cities as well…….

The majority of people we saw at restaurants, coffee shops, outdoor malls, walking along the Riverwalk or Bayshore Boulevard LOOKED like they trained hard. I didn’t have to question whether they worked out, instead I was more inclined to ask them what they did and where they trained to look so damn good???

Then I had my “AHA MOMENT.” Here it is plain and simple, “If you train hard like you do at TGA, you should look the part.” Body composition changes are a direct reflection of your training. I want people who see you to be in awe of your fitness level, just like I was in awe of the people I saw in Tampa. I want strangers to ask you what you do to look so amazing, not to question whether you work out?? Nothing we do at TGA is easy, and definitely not intended for the average person. I don’t want to work with average people. I want to work with goal driven, highly motivated, determined, and coachable people.

While I am extremely excited and putting more emphasis on body transformation goals, I need to make something very clear, I am not talking about perfectionism, I am talking about striving for excellence. Accomplishment and healthy striving is not perfectionism or extremism. It’s about not being afraid to make changes and do things differently when what you are currently doing isn’t working. I’m talking about tapping into your full fit potential. Body composition requires a little vanity, it requires that you care about the way your body looks and feels and the increased confidence you have walking in a room!!! With every year, your job is to be better than the one before. Body transformation IS TOTALLY POSSIBLE……with the right resources, mindset, and support. Does body transformation sound good to you???

Here’s the deal, you could do a lot of things to get fit but I’m going to argue that strength training (along with supportive nutrition and proper recovery) is the foundation of all body transformation. No amount of stretching, spinning, punching, kicking, downward dogging, running, zumbaaing, rowing (while all good) can transform your body composition like strength training. If body transformation is important to you, then strength training should be the bedrock of your fitness plan. It is essential that your muscles exert force against an external load-plain and simple YOU MUST PUSH AND PULL AND CARRY HEAVY OBJECTS. That external load can be a barbell or your own bodyweight in the case of pushups and pull-ups. It’s when we adapt to heavier load that our body begins to transform. This is where proper programming is so important to your results. Randomness doesn’t get results. Intentional programming does. I pride myself on my programming. But I’m not afraid to change things up if I believe something different will get better results. While in Florida last week, my “AHA MOMENT” made me seriously think about ways to improve body composition in my athletes-YOU!!! I want to be even more innovative. I want you to be and look different than your friends (of course the ones that don’t come to TGA) I have a lot of ideas and changes in the works. They’re exciting to me and hope they will be exciting to you as well. I will be introducing them in the next couple months.

Here are some things I want to focus on:

My Athletes: To be the best coach possible, I need to work with independent coachable athletes who take direction well and implement changes. I don’t expect perfection, but I do expect you to be coachable….and add your weights correctly!!!!
I expect you to walk through the doors of TGA on time, focused, coachable, willing to learn, and READY to work!

Commitment Level: I totally recognize that schedules are JAMMED PACKED and that time management can be a source of stress for many of you. I understand that life gets in the way of your training…..sometimes. But remember, every one of us gets the same 24 hours, it’s how we allocate that time that determines what we VALUE.
If you value strength and body transformation-then it is important that you allocate your time and actions accordingly. There is a time to rest and a time to work. When you come to TGA, be ready to work!!!

Programming: I am going to make some changes to the programming so that we can put a higher emphasis on body transformation. You must be highly efficient and complete the workout on time.,,,it’s 1 hour and it’s important to me that I respect your time and vice versa. This is where being independent and coachable comes in.

Energy- This needs to be higher….much higher. More to come on this subject. You bring your energy and I’ll bring mine. DEAL? If you walk in complaining and whining, it sucks the life right out of the room. Please keep the negative attitudes outside! One person can ruin it for everyone. Don’t be that person……

Community- I really want the TGA community to grow because it is a critical component to your results. TGA is not a solo gig, it’s a team effort. Trust me, it’s too hard to do alone. Adult group strength training is a very unique business model. I actually got inspired to create this model by watching a Northwestern Strength Coach training the football team-it reminded me of “organized chaos” and I loved the energy and team camaraderie!!!! Be proud of the strong community that you’ve built together. Research is very clear on this one-YOU GET BETTER HEALTH OUTCOMES WORKING ALONGSIDE A TEAM OF LIKE MINDED SUPPORTIVE PEOPLE. I want your body transformation to speak volumes that training with a team matters and makes a difference!

Results- This is what coaches live for, whether it’s a winning season, a bigger deadlift, or a significant body transformation. (all body transformation is significant in my book) However, YOU MUST want the results for your self more than I want them for you. It’s called personal responsibility. I am NOT responsible for YOUR actions outside of TGA. If you tell me that you are ready for change and really want results, you MUST align your actions accordingly. I WILL hold you accountable to that and so will the rest of your team!

Now here’s my question to you:

Is body transformation important to you and what does it look like to you? If it is something that you value, what is your why? Are you ready to do what it takes to align your actions with what you value?

For me, body transformation is about re-defining aging. People simply don’t age well in our culture and I’m determined not to be one of those people!!!! I am going to use strength training to achieve this goal!

I want to hear from you now. Please reply and let me know your thoughts on the topic of body transformation and what it means to you.

Coach T

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