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Athlete of the Month – Sara H.

January 12th, 2018
sara-h-img-1When I posed this question a few weeks ago:

“On a scale of 1 to 5-with 1 being something that feels like a chore “you have to do” (but really don’t want to) and 5 being a “gift you give yourself” (and just can’t wait to open) what number best describes how you feel about EXERCISE?”

Sara’s response was, “ 1….I wish I was skinny and chiseled without having to do any work. #lazy”

While Sara may not be intrinsically motivated to exercise and may not love every minute of it, she has been very committed to the process. She has been with TGA since the earliest days on “The Hill” and her commitment and consistency is unwavering, despite her lack of LOVE for training. I am so proud of her and wanted her to share her incredible and motivating story.

sara-h-img-2“Working out has always been an intermittent b*#ch in my life. For years I would go through a sporadic cycle of exercising. I would workout every day for a week straight, get sick of it, then sit on my ass for a month until I’d start the cycle all over again. It wasn’t until Coach T started up TGA that I finally committed to a consistent program. In the beginning she helped me get into great shape for my wedding and I began to understand clean eating habits. However I don’t think I fully embraced the importance of staying active until my health took a turn. One month after I got married, I was diagnosed with stage III colon cancer at 26 years old. I had to stop everything going on in my life to have surgery, recover, and go through 6 months of chemo. My experiences through that journey made me reflect on all the things in my life that I took for granted and made me grateful for the life I was given. Even though I am not a person that loves working out, I know it’s something that is imperative to live a long and healthy life. I’ve been in remission for almost 4 years and training has helped me stay committed to the process of living an active lifestyle. I can’t live that couch potato life (even though it sounds glorious) because training keeps me healthy and I know first hand that if you don’t have your health, then you have nothing. Coach T has taught me so much about healthy eating through private nutritional coaching and the No Sugar Challenges and has helped me stay on a consistent and sustainable work out schedule for 5 years now. She continues to push me and reminds me to strive to be the strongest and healthiest version of myself. Thank you Coach T!”

No…Thank You Sara. You are a model of STRENGTH to me in so many ways. You are a fighter that doesn’t QUIT!! And you can hit a tire like no one else can!!!!! That’s why I nicknamed you Slammin Sara.


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