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Athlete of the Month – Sann K.

September 1st, 2018

This month’s Athlete of the Month has GRIT when it comes to getting STRONGER. She has both perseverance and passion for her long term strength goals. A “gritty” person can say these words,
“There are no quick-fixes.”
“I am a hard worker.”
“Setbacks won’t stop me.”
“I finish what I start.”
“I don’t give up easily.”

Sann motivates me in so many way. She has always been consistent in her training. A lot of clients are so quick to quit when they don’t see immediate transformation. They lack resilience. Sann personifies it! She has long term vision and understands that consistency drives results. She’s patient. In my line of work, I meet a lot of people who have tons of temporary enthusiasm but no endurance for the long haul and the hard work that’s required to achieve results. She has been “gritty” and STRONG even in the midst of some serious recent health setbacks. We are so blessed to have her on our TEAM.

What initially motivated you to join TGA and begin strength training? I can’t believe it’s almost 2 years now…


My sister, Alia, motivated me to seek out TGA. She’s an upholder all the way and set a goal for herself to look like Linda Hamilton in Terminator 2. She sought out a trainer and changed her diet and after a few years achieved that goal. After menopause (yes, I know I’m young for menopause), I hit a funk where my old workout routines, running, pilates, yoga, were boring and not getting me to look and feel the way I wanted. I wanted to strength train, but only if I could find someone to show me how to do it the right way. I had never lifted heavy weight before and didn’t want to get hurt; I also wanted the training to include the whole body plus mobility. Imagine my surprise when a Google search led me to TGA’s website and my new strength community located right down the road from me!

You’re a STRONG mom. What does that mean to YOU and your family?
Hmmm….STRONG Mom? Most days, I sure don’t feel that way! I second guess myself ALL the time when it comes to raising my kids, and I second guess my decision to ditch my career to stay home to raise them. But as far as strength training, my kids and husband see and respect my prioritizing going to class. They know it makes me feel good, and they celebrate my strength gains with me. My kids think it’s cool that I lift heavy weights! I share Coach T’s coaching with them all the time. I keep hoping my husband will make the leap and start training with us…..

You are a determined woman, you were determined to get stronger before cancer and you are still determined. Most people would have stopped training. You DID NOT!!! You have truly been STRONG IN THE STORM. Since your breast cancer diagnosis, surgery, and chemo treatments, has your view of strength changed?


I am so thankful that I had 18 months of training under my belt before my breast cancer diagnosis this spring. I think being strong and knowing how to eat well really helped minimize the negative side effects of chemo this summer. It hasn’t been a walk in the park, but it definitely could have been worse. The doctor can’t believe how resilient my blood counts have been. I was determined to keep training, so I come the 3 days of the week that I feel best. Training with my TGA community has kept some normalcy in this otherwise “Lost” summer. I love seeing my training buddies, and I always feel great after the workout!

Like me, you are a QUESTIONER. We question everything and if it makes sense, we are “ALL IN”. Because Questioners need so many reasons and justifications, we are often slow to act unless we have ALL the info. This is referred to as “analysis paralysis”. Has this been an issue for you when it came to your fitness?
Despite being a Questioner, I do not suffer from analysis paralysis. Maybe that’s the engineer in me. You take the data you have and make the best decision you can to move forward. You can always adjust later. My biggest challenge is sustaining healthier eating patterns over the long term. Despite the amazing training at TGA and my strength gains, my body does not look the way I want it to. I would like to lose 20 pounds for so many reasons, aesthetics, better health, and getting closer to an unassisted pull up! I know what I should do, but I can’t execute for more than a short while. I have an unhealthy relationship with food that I need to address. Coach T recommended a book for me, Emotional Agility, that I think will help me move forward. The beginning has really resonated with me, so I can’t wait to get to the “what you should try” part.

We are all on your team and rooting for YOU during this challenging time of your life. I want all the strong TGA women (and men too) reading this to understand the importance of early detection. Having experienced this first hand, can you share your wisdom?


I can’t recommend highly enough that women get their annual mammogram (and that men get their PSA checked). We’ve had 2 cancer scares in our house in 2 years, but thanks to early detection in annual screenings, both were caught very early so the prognoses are good. Don’t mess around…get your screenings done! It will save your life.

Sann, thank you for being willing to share your story and inspire us to ALWAYS persevere, even in the storms of life.


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