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Athlete of the Month – Mary V

April 2nd, 2019

Our April Athlete of the month is affectionately referred to as “the Queen of the Kitchen” Johnny’s Kitchen of course!

Mary V. is an integral part of the TGA Team. To know her, is to absolutely love her. She is a a great example of what a STRONG WOMAN looks like. She inspires me not only with her commitment to her health but also her strong business savvy. She has an entrepreneurial spirit that I love to see in women. Mary is the owner of Johnny’s Kitchen and Tap in Glenview, a great local restaurant. Running a successful, busy restaurant is not easy….and very time consuming, yet she makes time to train at least 4 x’s per week at TGA. Training is a priority to her and part of her “amazing aging” plan!

I often hear excuses as to why people don’t have time to workout. You’re a very busy business owner and you MAKE TIME to train at TGA? Tell me why making time and being consistent with your training is important to you?

Making time to train at TGA is a top priority for me, as my job can be physically & mentally stressful at times. I train at 9 am and for me it is the best way I can start my day. I need to take care of myself, so later I can take care of my business.

What is one of the biggest benefits you find from strength training? Does being strong help with your long hours at Johnny’s?

The strength training & conditioning workouts have improved my overall strength, physical stamina and helps me with mental clarity . My work sometimes ( especially on the weekends) requires long hours & I need my TGA training sessions to get me through those days. Coach T has also taught me how to reframe certain stressful situations , which has helped me immensely. I try to train at least 5 days a week , I actually do not feel 100% if I do not get my sessions in.

I’m always impressed by your commitment to your training. As an Obliger, you meet inner expectations (like sticking to a diet or exercise plan) best with accountability. Tell me about how the TGA team is a part of your success.

I really feel that the Tribe at TGA has aided in my success at becoming stronger. I have never been associated with a group of people that all root , encourage, lift up & truly care about each other. We are truly a cut above the norm & I am so fortunate to have found TGA.

I have affectionately nicknamed you “the QUEEN OF THE KITCHEN” because you run Johnny’s Kitchen with so much professionalism. Every time Dave and I visit for dinner, we feel special and welcomed into your home. Tell us what it’s like to be a busy restaurant owner. Give us a day in the life of Mary….

I start most mornings at the 9 am class, then before going to the restaurant I may have an am meeting or most mornings I make time to go out to breakfast. I catch up on news, emails & basically get my head together & organize my day. Once at the restaurant I wear many hats: hostess, purchaser, expediter, …I pitch in wherever needed during lunch & dinner service. Manager meetings, marketing, menus , refereeing & more are all part of a days work . When Jeff is home it is date night every night, I always look forward to that! And you definitely deserve those date nights!!!

Everyone who knows you knows you love to Deadlift….and you do it well. Why do you love that lift so much?

Deadlifting is my favorite lift. I get an adrenaline rush until 3 or 4 pm after deadlift training…really I do! I love trying to bend the bar ,tensing my muscles, getting everything right , you can feel it when you make the pull , feels so good when you do everything correctly.

At TGA, I talk a lot about longevity and aging well. I know it’s very important to you too. Tell us how training at TGA helps you with that goal.

Aging well is very important to me . I want to feel good & look good I really believe that the work we do at TGA also gives my skin a more youthful glow. Strength training has improved my posture & the way I carry myself. I do not want to be the “norm” for my age, normal is so basic when it pertains to aging well. I strive to be way above it , through strength & conditioning. If I want to look & feel good , I need to work for it . I love to travel & I do not think twice about a 3 day trip to Alaska or a 5 day to Europe , if that is what time allows. I need to be in great physical condition to do these short trips to handle time changes, jet lag etc… TGA gets me there & back !

Mary, it was great to learn more about you. Thank you again for being such an integral part of our team!!!

Congratulations. You are TGA’s Athlete of the Month!
956 S. Arthur Avenue
Arlington Heights, IL 60005
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