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Athlete of the Month – Kevin K.

February 11th, 2018

“Coach Kelley”

kevin-k-img-1I’m sure most of you have heard of the tv show, “Everybody Loves Raymond”, well at TGA we have our very own version of that show. It airs everyday during our 9am class and usually lasts about an hour and a half. We call it “Everybody Loves Kevin” Our February Athlete of the Month is very special to me. He has been an extremely loyal client (and friend) over the past 6 years and is actually the longest running male member. He dates back to “The Hill” Days. I’ll never forget the first time I saw him walking up the hill for his first group class on August 20, 2011-I had no idea who he was or what he was capable of and he had know idea what he was in for!!! He’s been an integral part of the TGA team ever since!

kevin-k-img-2Kevin, better known as Coach Kelley by his baseball players has coached for 40 years! While he’s retired from teaching high school, he still coaches the Hersey Baseball Team. Coach Kelley is a model of aging well: he’s healthy, he’s lean, he’s strong, and he’s consistent with his training-both strength and conditioning. Thank you for being such a great role model to all of us at TGA. Much respect to you Kevin!!!

Here is a little interview I did with Kevin. I hope you enjoy learning more about our February Athlete of the Month!

What is your motivation to exercise? What is your WHY?
Exercise pushes me to set goals and Coach T programs the plan for me to achieve those goals. I always feel good after working out, especially if I’m sore the next day. When I was teaching, I used to work out with the kids. You build a special rapport with them that carries over into the classroom. They were more respectful towards me, and they were motivated to do well in the classroom. Because of this commonality, they were not afraid to participate and ask questions.

kevin-k-img-3What benefits have you seen from your years at TGA?
I’ve had a broken wrist, elbow surgery, torn rotator cuffs, and osteoarthritis in both knees. If I don’t work out, everything tightens up and doing simple things causes pain. Since coming to TGA I have very little joint pain (except when doing TRX knee tucks LOL).

How do you want to age?
Here’s a slogan for Melissa’s t-shirt business: “I don’t want to live longer, I want to live better.” I want to continue to work out, achieve goals, still do things that the high school kids do, and throw batting practice and hit fly balls every day. It’s fun when you can still impress the kids.

What’s your favorite lift and why?
My favorite lift is probably the bench press. I feel that is the lift where I have progressed the most. Even though I have lifted before on my own, the weight has never been very high. When I was in college, I worked out on the old Universal Machine and was happy to bench my own bodyweight which was 165#. When I was playing baseball in college, during our off-season weight program, we worked with a thing called an Exergenie, so I never really got stronger. With TGA’s programming, I was able to get to a 245 Bench Press PR. Even though I didn’t let out a lion’s roar, I was still very excited!

Have you always loved to strength train?
Yes, but I always wanted more and was never happy with the coaching I had seen in the past. One of the things I love about TGA is that Coach T is always up to date on the techniques, the best warm-ups to help with the day’s workout, and the numbers she calculates in putting together the most challenging workout, and one with which I can have success. Sometimes I come into TGA and look at the numbers on the board and panic but in the six years that I have been coming, I can count on one hand the times I failed a lift.

So tell us about that little black book you carry around. What’s that all about?
People notice I like to write down all my workouts, weights, and reps. I do this for a couple of reasons: I see how much I progress each time, if I work out on my own I have a guided progression to what I did before (I never do the same weight as I do at TGA), and most importantly, I write down everything because I am old and can’t remember how much or how many sets I did!

What makes you keep coming back to TGA after all these years?
I have tried working out on my own without getting the results I get from going to TGA. The warm-ups that you program prepare me and ensure that I don’t get injured. Also, my teammates are fun and motivate me to work hard, and believe me, they let you know when you are slacking, sometimes nicely, sometimes not so nice.

Kevin, thank you for your commitment to your STRENGTH and always giving it 100%


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Arlington Heights, IL 60005
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