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Athlete of the Month – Janis B.

January 6th, 2019

I am honored to feature Janis B. as our January Athlete of the Month. In my opinion, she re-defines how women should age. I love her active lifestyle and the fact that staying fit is a huge part of it! Her increased consistency and determination at TGA in 2018 really paid off! She has not only gotten STRONGER, but also really improved her technique…..especially on that back squat! What once was shallow is now below parallel. Another great example of how consistency drives results. I hope you enjoy getting to know her as much I do!

Janis, you are a driven woman. What is your purpose for training, YOUR WHY? What makes you get out of bed and train at 6am?

I am a high energy, adventurous person, so I really enjoy working out and trying new things. I’ve always had my workout routine at the gym, running, biking, yoga…. but never saw the results that I have seen since coming on a regular basis to TGA. Not necessarily excited about working out at 6 a.m. but not knowing how my day will play out necessitates the early workout. I look forward to moving up a tier or hearing that my form has improved, it’s a great way to start my day. I also enjoy the conditioning class, it’s challenging and fun!

It’s obvious that looking good is important to you! (And you look fabulous by the way)Please tell us how training at TGA plays a role in that?

It’s important to me to stay healthy, strong and feel good about my body, and even more important as I get older. TGA has been the key factor in becoming stronger. I know that I am a lightweight compared to the strong women I work out with, but I feel stronger than I ever have before. Since coming to TGA the focus has been more on feeling healthy and strong than just focusing on the numbers on the scale. While I still want to lose a few pounds and look good, I’m not obsessed about it every minute of the day.

You are one of the “fittest young grandmas” I have ever met. Tell us what optimal aging looks like to you?

My father was my role model, he worked out 5 days a week and walked from the train to his office for 25+ years. He always maintained a normal weight and ate healthy most of the time. Unfortunately, the women in my family struggle with weight issues, so I have to be extra diligent to stay on track. Optimal aging to me means looking good, feeling healthy, recovering quickly from illness/injuries and most of all enjoying life with my family and friends. I enjoy doing activities with my grandkids, like sledding or ice skating, instead of sitting on the sidelines watching.

You are extremely active and social. Both great qualities for aging well and living longer. You bike, you strength train, you downward dog-Have you always loved fitness and been athletic?

I’ve always loved fitness, but never considered myself an athlete. Working out gives me energy and a boost to start my day. I’m a little on the hyper side so working out also gives me the opportunity to channel some of this energy into something healthy. While I’ve followed regimented plans for biking, running or yoga, I never had a consistent work out plan at the gym. I jumped around from classes to free weights, but never found anything that stuck. So when I started TGA, I knew I found my workout home. (and I’m so glad you found us too!!!)

Social connection is very important to achieving our fitness goals. Do you like training with a team of like minded men and women? Do you feel that accountability is an important factor for you?

I love training with my 6 a.m. crew, each and every one of my team mates brings their A game every morning. I have never worked out with such a dedicated team. Everyone is so supportive. I enjoy sharing stories about the new babies, marriages, vacations… The turnover rate for our group is very low. I attribute this to Coach T’s dedication to helping each of us become the best version of ourselves, helping us workout while avoiding injuries and reminding us that accountability and consistency are key to becoming stronger. It doesn’t hurt that she also reminds us that if we want to look good come summer, we need to put the hard work in now.

With the Holidays coming to an end, did you have any struggles with food? What’s your weakness?

I am actually looking forward to the holidays coming to an end. As much as I love the parties, socializing, festive decorations… there is an endless amount of food and drink! I have a harder time watching what I eat and drink at social events. I just don’t pay attention and I want to try a little of everything. Bottom line is that I need structure to stay on track.

Is there is anything else you would like to add about strength training and how consistency works for you?

I have to say strength training has become my favorite activity. I feel stronger and healthier! I look forward to getting stronger every day. Watch out Joann….. here I come!! LOL NOT!

I’ve mentioned this about Coach T before, but it’s worth repeating, “She is more than just an athletic coach, she is a mentor, who cares about each and everyone of us and a role model for strength training, THANK YOU”

Janis, THANK YOU for the kind words and allowing me to showcase your amazingness! We are so happy to have you on our TEAM!

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