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Athlete of the Month – Dick & Elise

November 4th, 2018

It’s an honor for me to have this STRONG couple represent TGA’s November Athletes of the Month. I am excited for everyone to get to know them and see what makes them such a STRONG TEAM!

Dick and Elise started TGA on “The Hill” in August 2011. Actually Elise came a week earlier without Dick and somehow convinced him to join her. (Did I mention it was really, really hot up there and lots of mosquitos!!!) So basically, I owe all their amazing success to her!!!! As their coach for over 7 years, I am so grateful for their commitment to their health goals. They have followed TGA from “The Hill” to our current location. They have a growth mindset, always willing to change and try new things. They are not only committed to their own personal process, but to each other’s strength gains. Now that’s what makes the Reeves such a STRONG team! We are so blessed to have the two of them as part of the TGA team-the longest running TGA couple (of course no running involved in the making of these two fit, healthy bodies!!!!) Now let’s get to know these two lovebirds…..

You both have trained at TGA for over 7 years TOGETHER, What drives your consistency?


We enjoy each other’s company and initially, we were looking for something that we could do together. With past gym memberships, we’d go to the gym together then head off each doing our own workout. We didn’t have the same objectives and consequently were not very consistent long term. Elise went to “The Hill” first, then told me I should also go and would really love it. I didn’t agree with the love part of that statement initially but have since come to enjoy the physical challenge, camaraderie, along with the continual learning that TGA provides. Elise and I have both grown along with TGA’s approach


With Dick’s frequent travels, it is a struggle to be consistent on the road. We both look forward to him coming home and getting back on track together.

Support is a huge part of the equation when it comes to success with our health and fitness goals. Please tell us a little bit about how you support each other?

We are each other’s biggest cheerleader. Even though we are at different fitness levels, on the way home after class we talk about the workout, provide feedback on what could be done better or high five each other on having a great class experience and being able to do something better than the last time.

Dick, based on the Four Tendencies, you’re a Questioner and Elise, you’re an Upholder. How does knowing your individual tendency towards expectations help you understand each other better.


For both it’s been a huge eye-opener. We have learned more about ourselves and others. Ultimately making it less stressful when things don’t go the way as expected.

What do you enjoy about the Team Community at TGA?

There is so much positive energy in every class. It’s fun seeing everyone in class, talking for a few quick moments, then off to conquer the challenge of the day. The support is there right in front of you, whether it is Patty telling Elise to dig deeper and or Jill saying bend the #@#@ out of the Bench Press bar, it’s like you’re not in it alone. We push each other and subconsciously try to push to do better. You don’t get that same element working out by yourself.


You both had really good results with The Lifestyle Turnaround. What did you enjoy about participating together?

The biggest learning here was we have to do this TOGETHER to make it work and when it is over, we continue to take small steps in changing our diet and lifestyle. This has been a game changer for us.

You are aging differently than the majority of Americans because of the high value you put on your health and fitness? Tell us what drives you to want to be different than other people your age?

This question was pretty easy, we want to be able to enjoy our senior years. We both love to travel and be active. To do this we both need to be healthy and fit, to make that next transition in life so much easier.

Dick and Elise, I want to personally thank you for your commitment to each other’s health and fitness goals. Your fit marriage is a great role model for the rest of us!!!


956 S. Arthur Avenue
Arlington Heights, IL 60005
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