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Athlete of the Month – Andy F

May 3rd, 2019

At TGA, we have our very own version of the TV sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond. It airs at 9am CST, Monday through Wednesday and we call it Everybody Loves Andy. If you know Andy, you know exactly what I’m talking about. He’s always courteous, always a gentleman, always on time, always humble, always stylish and never complains….well almost never complains!!! He signs up and shows up! He’s consistent and works very hard to get stronger. He does has one flaw though, he’s too HARD ON HIMSELF!!! One of his favorite lines is “I SUCK!” I’ve been trying to break that bad habit of his for over 5 years now. Trust me, he doesn’t suck!!! He’s an all around great athlete and person! Many of you don’t get the opportunity to train with him at 9am so I hope you enjoy reading about him and getting to know what makes him so loved and respected at TGA!

What’s your Why? Why do you put so much importance on training? Why does it matter that you show up consistently?

First of all, thank you for the honor of being the May Athlete of the Month. I remember the first time I trained with you….I can’t believe it was over 5 years ago. After the workout, I had to sit in my car for 15 minutes to catch my breath!!! I’ve come a long way….. My WHY is to become stronger and let’s face it I’m not getting any younger. I have four kids and a beautiful wife and I owe it to them to stick around and hopefully see them get married and start their own families. I want to show them that if I’m fit at 47, they can get a jump start on their fitness now!

Andy, I absolutely love your WHY, you’re a great role model to your family.

You’re a very busy man, a father of four (triplets + 1), a husband, a business owner……how do you make time to train?

Being a very busy dad and running a business can put a lot of stress on a person’s body and mind. Training with you has just become part of my day. It’s a priority. I’ve incorporated TGA into my daily routine and I am grateful that you have become part of my life. I have a STRONG purpose: I work out today for a stronger tomorrow.

You’re definitely a great team player. What do you enjoy most about training? What’s your favorite lift?

My favorite lift is still the deadlift. The deadlift feels the most natural of lifts and I like pulling things (insert joke here).

Being that Andy is about 6’5”, he has much further to travel to pick up the bar than the rest of us!!!

Being a restaurant owner, you are around food all day long. Has being part of TGA and doing the Challenges changed how you eat?

It’s actually easy for me to eat healthier working at a restaurant. We have a lot of healthy options at Charkies. ( The problem is that I don’t make time to eat. I have my father’s strong work ethic and I rarely sit down to enjoy my food. I usually grab and go or eat really fast. I need to do better in that aspect. One day at a time…..

Again thank you for this, I owe a lot of it to you T. Thank you for doing what you do.

Andy, THANK YOU for what you do, making your training a priority and being a great role model to your family and also being a great friend and teammate to the 9am crew at TGA!

Congratulations. You are TGA’s Athlete of the Month!
956 S. Arthur Avenue
Arlington Heights, IL 60005
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