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Athlete of the Month – Amy F.

October 2nd, 2018

I am so thrilled to showcase Amy as October’s Athlete of the Month. When I think back to my very first phone conversation with her (almost a year and a half ago), I remember how moved I was by listening to her share her lifelong struggles with weight. She was extremely motivated to do whatever it took to get results. After I got off our call, I told myself that I was determined to be part of her journey and help her succeed! And here we are today…..stronger, lighter, and still on the journey together. Amy’s motivation, patience, willingness to work hard, and consistency have been drivers to her success. Many of you have noticed a change in her and we can all agree that Amy has come a long way and looks amazing!!! Keep up the great work-your team is cheering you on!!! I hope you enjoy getting to know her as much as I have:

Amy, you can relate to stress and it’s negative affects on your health and weight gain. How does a toxic work environment affect your lifestyle and weight training. Do you do things differently now?

Stress and my body have a BIG love / hate relationship and within the relationship there is very little love. My body does not handle stress well which has been a major challenge for many years. When I came to TGA in spring of 2017, my body was filled with stress and toxic lbs. Between work and some tough family situations over the last few years, I’ve really had to take a step back and look at situations differently. I repeat to myself daily at work “I control me and not others” My work situation is very toxic which is very hard for me because I am very passionate about my career, however the work environment is madness. I’ve been with my company for almost 5 years and have accomplished a lot within my career goals, but it has caused my body a great deal of distress. Staying at my job has been based on the mindset of powering through tough/exhausting situations, gaining more experience and thinking it will change, however it doesn’t so I have been working towards changing it for myself.

To help with the stress one of the biggest changes has been working on my mindset/self-awareness and focusing on my reactions to situations. Finding the positive in situations vs. the negative is a major part. Deep breathing has also been key! In the mornings during the week, I give myself 20 mins to do the Head Space App (meditation) and then read a self-development or career article. By doing this I am starting the day off strong and working to keep my cortisol levels down. Going to TGA after work is also MAJOR help as it’s my hour of calm. Sometimes just after the warm up, I feel like a different person. I also try to talk less about work unless I am seeking guidance and the past couple of months I’ve been focusing on a new side project outside of my corporate job. And lastly, retail therapy really is good for me. My credit card might think different, but going to Target is like yoga.

Congratulations! You have lost over 40 pounds since starting TGA back in June 2017. Tell me about how consistency drove your great results.

I am still in awe with the results I’ve seen since being at TGA! When I stepped on the scale during The Lifestyle Turnaround and saw my total weight loss was at 45 pounds, I honestly was in shock as I have not seen the scale that low in forever. When I got in the car after class that day, I cried HAPPY tears and did a happy dance when I got home! (Running man with some jazz hands) I have always been consistent with working out, but my consistency since TGA has been taken to a whole new level. Showing up to better my overall self vs. just wanting the scale to go down has been the game changer for me. TGA has helped me adjust my mindset which in return has lowered the scale, made me stronger and has rebuilt my self-confidence. Going from 2 days to 3 days of training has really helped achieve my results too. Consistency is also about keeping the clean eating going. This adjustment happened big time in our house after the September challenge in 2017 when my husband Nate found out he had some health issues. Low carbs, low sugar and very little cheat meals went into action. Nate is now down 30 lbs and the doctor in March of 2018 was shocked by the results and changes. The doctor asked Nate what he did and he said “I married a blonde life coach” HAHA!

How has completing the recent Lifestyle Turnaround affected your outlook? What lifestyle changes are you planning to continue?

I am BIG FAN of the all the cutting edge information that Coach T shared during The Lifestyle Turnaround. One of the biggest takeaways for me was the information on SLEEP. Since that email, I have been working to get more sleep even if it’s an extra 30 mins. The clean eating is part of my lifestyle now and meal prepping is done every Sunday and we work as a team to make sure dinners are successful. Also keeping things in perspective is also a great takeaway and reminder.

What Tendency are you? After learning about the 4 Tendencies, what have you learned about yourself? Any changes that you would like to make when it comes to other’s expectations of you?
I am Obliger! I have learned a great deal about myself since taking the Four Tendencies Quiz! Falling in the Obliger category makes 100% sense as my career goals have always been on the top of the list and my fitness goals were pushed second or third on the list. Understanding more about pros and cons of the Obliger tendency has really helped me learn that I have to find balance and give myself the same quality time I give others. For so many years, I’ve put everyone or every deadline ahead of me and it was actually Coach T that pushed my mind to think differently when she pointed out “You give your boss how many hours a day and you can’t give yourself 1 hour” (Sorry Amy, you needed a little tough love that day!!!) That comment had me thinking for days and has stuck with me. Me leaving work to get to TGA on time is the same as the person leaving work for their kids soccer game. I now block my work calendar on TGA days to make sure I am out of there on time. Finding balance has been a big work in progress for me and saying “NO” to others has been too. Missing a work event here or there is really okay and I have learned it’s not selfish taking time for me because it actually makes me a better person.

Tell me about the support system in your life? How does TGA support you?

I am very lucky when it comes to a supportive husband, family and friends! Who knew meeting a guy the old fashion way at a bar over a shot of tequila would turn into a great marriage! Nate, knows how important achieving a healthier body and mindset has been for me so he encourages me to do what I need to do and make time for myself. We have been married for two and half years and our first year of marriage was tough as we faced losing Nate’s dad to cancer and Nate’s mom having health issues as well. Our level of support for each other has grown even stronger these past few years. My family and friends are also strong supporters and have been respectful of my commitment to TGA and will work around my schedule for dinners/events which has been a good change of pace. Lauren (who used to go to TGA) is the one who told me about TGA. Lauren has been one of my biggest cheerleaders and I’m very thankful for our friendship. Also my niece and my nephews are a little to young to understand, but they play a big role too as they bring so much happiness to our family. Face timing with them turns any bad day/moment into a good one. Plus babysitting for them is a full cardio workout.

The TGA Tribe is an AMAZING support system and has helped me through every workout. I am so grateful for all the support and it has been awesome working out with everyone and getting to know everyone. Coach T, thank you for all your support! Your passion for a strong and healthy lifestyle is so powerful it sets all of us up for success!

Amy, we are all so proud of your success and very excited to continue to be a part of your journey to optimal health.


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