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Athlete of the Month-JOANN S.

November 10th, 2017

athlete-of-the-month-joanns-img-1I’ve known our November Athlete of the Month since she was little girl. I was actually her babysitter. As you can see in the picture with her holding the dumbbell, I started weight training with her at a very young age!!! (probably not the best idea to do a one arm overhead press standing on my bed) I made all the kids I babysat lift weights! Seriously, I did!!!

Fast forward 25 years and I’m still making her do one arm presses!!! If there is a goal or an expectation that I set, Joann goes after it! Can anyone say UPHOLDER? Yes, Joann is the classic upholder, you give her a goal and she can’t sleep at night until she accomplishes it! She actually stresses out if her name is on the goal board and the date has passed and we haven’t tested her yet. athlete-of-the-month-joanns-img-2

I can’t believe how time flies, the little girl I used to babysit is now going to become a mom of a little girl herself. It has been awesome to watch Joann train throughout her pregnancy and continue to get stronger and hit goals. I can speak for everyone at TGA that has seen you in action, we are amazed at what you can do!!!

athlete-of-the-month-joanns-img-3From a 335 pound deadlift to 1000 pullups before the baby to a 90 lb overhead press just last week at 8 months pregnant, you continue to amaze us!!!

Joann has been an integral part of TGA since the beginning. She brought all her friends up on the “Hill” and as always been one of my biggest supporters. If you are around 30 years old, more than likely you are at TGA because of Joann’s influence. She’s been a role model to her family and her determination and commitment to training has been a big part in motivating and inspiring her dad lose over 80 pounds at TGA. Joann trained extremely hard before her wedding (she was an absolutely stunning bride), has trained hard after her wedding and now even during her pregnancy. And make no mistake, she will be back after her baby girl is born….STRONGER THAN EVER! And a big shout out to her awesome husband John for always supporting her efforts!!

Keep setting high goals and achieving them Jo!!! We will miss seeing you at TGA over the next few months. All the best as you prepare for the baby!!!

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Arlington Heights, IL 60005
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