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Athlete of the Month – SAM P.

June 10th, 2018

Being that Father’s Day is only a few weeks away, it’s so appropriate that TGA’s June Athlete of the Month was motivated to change his life and walk through the doors of TGA because of his daughters, Joann and Nicole. When I asked Sam what his motivation for starting TGA was, he adamantly said “MY DAUGHTERS!” Now that he’s a grandpa to Baby Nora, I’m sure the motivation to stay healthy and active is even stronger!

“I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired and I need to make a change.” Everyone needs to come to this realization before real lasting health change is possible. Sam made that decision on March 8, 2016. OK, OK I may have used some scare tactics too!!!

Sam has lost a total of 80 pounds and is now in a healthy weight maintenance phase. He has beat the odds when it comes to weight loss. The statistics are not very promising when it comes to long term weight loss success. More than 90% of people who lose weight gain it all back and then some. Sam has kept the weight off for over 2 years now. He tried many “diets” in the past but always gained the weight back and then some….. not this time. I won’t let that happen to him and neither will he. It’s called external accountability and IT WORKS!

I provided the necessary education, coaching and accountability and he took the necessary action. It’s a partnership. If his actions didn’t align with his goals, then he was wasting his time and money on coaching. Sam and I have a mutual respect for each other and that is critical in the health coaching process. We’ve met for private health coaching and private strength training every week for over 2 years now. While he is extremely busy with running a restaurant and working crazy hours, he knows better to cancel our sessions. They are a priority to him. Yes, I’m tough on him but sometimes that approach is the only one that works!

Sam is very committed to the process of change. When I asked him what has helped him sustain his weight loss for so long, his answer was, “I hate looking at pictures of myself when I was overweight. I’m disgusted. I never want to look or feel like I did in those BEFORE pictures. Just knowing that I could look like that again keeps me motivated to keep the weight off EVERYDAY.”

“Being at the right weight just feels better. I move better. I sleep better. No more sleep apnea. My attitude is better. I’m happier. I feel like being more active. I have so much more energy. When I was overweight, I was always tired and fatigued. I used to have low back pain and knee pain and now that’s all GONE!”

Some keys to Sam’s weight loss success:

Strong Willpower
Focused and Goal Driven Attitude
Lots of Cheerleaders- Support of his daughters and extended family Support from a coach who kept him highly accountable- While I initially did put the fear of chronic illness in him, the motivation for weight loss changed to something Sam really wanted to do for HIMSELF, not just because he should or a dr. told him he had too Intrinsically Motivated for Change-basically he was READY to do whatever it took to lose weight and feel better Eating 3 Square Meals a day and not snacking or eating late at night after closing up the restaurant

More Sleep
Gnarly Shake for Breakfast
Incorporating Strength Training and Mobility

I remember one of the first things I told Sam to change was to eliminate his sweetened ice tea and french fries. And to GET MORE SLEEP! I never had to ask him to do something twice. It was done! The majority of his weight came off over the course of our first year working together and he’s kept it off. He did not expect a Quick Fix like so many people do.

Sam walked in the doors of TGA READY for Change. He was sick and tired of being sick and tired. At his 285 pound start weight, he was on the path to chronic disease, especially with high visceral fat around the organs. I truly believe that his weight loss saved him from a different future health possibility. Even extended his life…. I couldn’t be more proud of his success and his commitment to himself.

Sam, thank you for all your hard work and determination. You deserve to be STRONG AND LEAN! Happy Father’s Day!!


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