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Simply Deadlift …

By Coach T | In Training | on October 27, 2016


I love the conventional barbell deadlift. When it comes to raw strength, there is no other exercise quite like it.

The deadlift is essentially a hip hinge pattern. It’s amazing to me how many people struggle with the hinge. The ability to hinge is a basic human movement. Unfortunately, our culture relies on poor postural position (can anyone say SmartPhone) with prolonged sitting that they begin to lose the ability to hinge. I’m always especially amazed at the lack of mobility of the kids that I work with.

The hip hinge has been lost through prolonged sitting, whether it be at a desk at school or your corner office. We need to re-discover and embrace this lost movement. Make no mistake, the deadlift is HARD. It requires hip mobility and raw strength. It trains the mind to accomplish something that is extremely difficult, and even a little bit scary. That’s why you don’t often see people doing deadlifts in a commercial big box gym. There is no machine that I know of that can simulate the deadlift and work the posterior chain quite like it.

Deadlifts are HARD. There is no easy way to pull heavy weight off the floor. For this reason, deadlifting is not popular among average gym goers. But YOU are not AVERAGE gym goers. If someone in a white lab coat tells me that deadlifts are too dangerous and can hurt your back, they obviously don’t deadlift and their opinion doesn’t really matter in that case!!! A few years back, I herniated my L4-L5 disk by rounding my lower back and trying to pull on an UGG boot. I rehabbed my injury by deadlifting!! Deadlifting saved my back. I owe a lot to the deadlift…….

Our bodies are designed to hinge from the hips. Our bodies are designed for strength. Our bodies are designed to carry heavy things, press heavy things, and pull heavy things. In my opinion, nothing is more functional than pulling something heavy off the ground. I’ll argue with anyone who has low back pain, it’s probably hurts because they DON’T deadlift. Sitting hurts your back, deadlifting doesn’t.

Deadlifts with correct, well grooved technique are an integral part of your training program. Set some high goals for your deadlift. A great place to start is 2x’s your bodyweight. Once you’ve mastered that with perfect form, move on to 2.5 x’s your bodyweight. Do the math, are you reaching your true potential??? I’m here to help. Email me if you want to set some new deadlift goals. Simply deadlift……..

Finish Strong,

Coach T

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