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It’s A Tradeoff …

By Coach T | In Training | on November 4, 2016

Team TGA,

Setting goals is EASY. Now accomplishing them, that’s a totally different story. Whether it’s a professional goal you have for your career or a physical goal like weight loss or increasing your strength, there’s something you need to know about goals that may help increase your success rate. It’s a TRADEOFF…….

Instead of asking the question, “What does success in this area of my life look like?”, ask yourself, “What level of sacrifice am I willing to endure to achieve my goal and what amount of time and energy am I willing to commit to?” It’s a TRADEOFF…..

Having a weight loss goal is easy. Disciplining yourself and having the self control not to eat those cookies in the break room or that extra slice of pizza is NOT! You may think you really want the result of a lean, highly conditioned, strong body, but do you accept the lifestyle that comes with it? Make no mistake, it is a very different lifestyle than most people lead. In our culture, a lean, strong, and well conditioned body is not the norm. There are a lot of sacrifices that come with that level of fitness. It’s those sacrifices (ie. getting up early before work to come to TGA, training even though you’re tired after a long day at work, eliminating sugar, alcohol and processed foods during the TGA Challenge, lifting heavy weights when walking on a treadmill looks a whole heck of a lot easier, going to bed early to get more restorative sleep instead of staying up late scrolling Facebook) that make YOU different.

I’ve had people sign up to TGA only to show up once or twice and never come back again. Why? The sacrifice was much too great and they weren’t ready to make the TRADEOFF. They may have had good intentions when they signed on the dotted line, but good intentions don’t get you strong, lean, and highly conditioned. You have to actually SHOW UP and do the hard work. We often say in the fitness industry, “you need skin in the game!” You have to accept the TRADEOFFS that come with achieving your physical goals, whether they be to lose 10 pounds, gain lean muscle, do a bodyweight pull-up, or pull a 300 pound deadlift. You have to understand that a TRADEOFF must always be made if you want to accomplish your physical goals. Everyone wants a Gold Medal, but very few would train like an Olympian.

Membership at TGA is a TRADEOFF. You could certainly be doing other things with your time than lifting heavy weights and getting stronger. Not really……. But seriously, it is a TRADEOFF because you will only achieve great physical results, if and only if you put in the hard work necessary, both with your consistent training and your nutrition. If you’re a writer and your goal is to finish a novel in 6 months, you have to be disciplined and consistently schedule time to WRITE!!! If your goal is to pull a 300 pound deadlift, then you have to consistently schedule your training and show up! We are all busy so using that excuse doesn’t work too well when it comes to your physical goals. You’ll never find time to train, you must intentionally make time! It must be a scheduled sacrifice!!!

Strength goals are useless without actual work “under the bar”. It’s a TRADEOFF. Are you willing to live a different lifestyle to make that TRADEOFF? Are you willing to surround yourself with other people who are willing to make the same TRADEOFF? Being in the right environment is half the battle. We know that TGA is the RIGHT ENVIRONMENT for RESULTS! It’s always better done in a community of like minded people. And you are the BEST COMMUNITY I know……

Starting Monday, November 7, I will be holding you accountable to your leanness. The Holidays are coming and we don’t want anyone to use that as an excuse to get sloppy with their eating and gain unnecessary weight (that Holiday 10 doesn’t happen this year). We will be doing weekly weigh-ins to hold you accountable and keep you on track. Goals must be measurable. Remember, the things we measure, we can improve.

Finish Strong, Lean, and Well Conditioned,
Coach T

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